Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cream Cheese Chicken to the Rescue!

Well heck.  We're more than a week  into 2009 and I'm still scrambling to get things in order so I can live out my resolutions for the year.  I'm cutting myself some slack (a rare allowance for me) since I am smack dab in the middle of the third trimester of this pregnancy.  As a very intuitive man ( once said,
  "It's a lot of hard work to grow a kid from scratch!"

One of my biggest resolutions this year is to get back on track with "clean" eating.  We've fallen into a rotten pattern of eating frozen/convenience food meals, and it's reflected in our waistlines.  In addition to eating healthier, I'm also determined to make ONE MEAL for the WHOLE FAMILY, which includes Ms. Picky-Eater Princess (DD).  So I've been spending waaaay too much time hunting online for new recipes.  It's been painful, really.  

Have you got some tried & true recipes the whole family loves?  EMAIL ME!

In my frenzied search, I stumbled upon Cream
Cheese Chicken.  

It's easy.  It's nearly completely unprocessed.  It's a crockpot meal.  Best of all, everyone was happy with it..  and DD actually ate LEFTOVERS for lunch the next day with toast points.  Hallelujah!  The recipe came from Stephanie the Crockpot Lady (you should really check out her fabulous blog of 365 days of meals to make in your crockpot- outstanding!) I added peas, diced carrots, and red pepper to cover the veggie group.  We had it over whole wheat noodles for dinner, but it would be great with rice too.  The Picky-Eater Princess really enjoyed it with toast.  Oh Frabjous Day!

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