Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She's Here!

Hello everyone!

If you've been following along here, you know I made my last post Sat. evening ("39 weeks") while having "braxton hicks" contractions... [AHEM!]  well about 4 hours after that post went live my contractions were 4 min apart (and VERY real),  and we were on our way to the hospital.  Too funny!
Sidney Luella Draheim was born at 7:18 am on Sunday.
Weight: 7 pounds, 6 ounces
Length: 17 inches

(THREE pushes and she came flying out!!!  Yeah Isagenix!)

She's beautiful and doing wonderfully, and Big Sister is really enjoying her new role.

Praises to our Heavenly Father for our newest little family member- she is indeed wonderfully made! 


  1. Congratulations! She is so gorgeous!

  2. She's beautifuL! My sister had her baby Feb 12th. I guess neither of you wanted V-day babies, eh? lol I said that very thing to my sister at 39 weeks, "can't you wait until V-day?" she was like, "NO!" lol

  3. Yay!!
    Congratulations to SweetBaby and Mama!

  4. Just stopping in again to invite you to see my "hotness" addition to the right column of my blog. :-)

  5. Can never get enough House- er- Hugh..! YUM!
    Although, I have to disagree- I *LOVE* that scruffy look.. ;)

  6. Bet your busy! Congratulations. So wonderful to have a baby in your arms.

  7. Have a blessed weekend!
    It's Friday but Sunday's comin'!

  8. So excited to see you back! I hope Sidney is doing fabulous and can't wait to see you blog again if you ever decide to!